Urban Village Brought Donations to Dangkor’s Flood Victims: “Let’s Make Cambodia Great Together”

On Monday 26th October 2020, Urban Village, the biggest Hong Kong-invested development in Cambodia, along Hun Sen Blvd had organized a flood relief charity by bringing donations to hundreds of families in Dangkao district who are currently facing difficulty due to serious flooding in the area.

Speaking in front of hundreds of flood victims, Mr. Ben Li, the Chairman and Founder of Urban Village has expressed his sympathy and encouraged them to stay positive during this difficult time.

“My family has been in Cambodia for almost 30 years. I love Cambodia very much. This is my home. When I saw in the news that a lot of houses, businesses and farms were affected by the flood. I felt really sad and my heart was broken,” Mr. Ben Li said.

“Facing the flood alone is not easy. Let’s hold hands and we get through the flood together. Let’s make Cambodia great together,” Mr. Ben Li said.

Mr. Ben also added the charity this morning is a contribution to the royal government of Cambodia who is currently working around the clock to help facilitate the flooding’s victims and damages caused by it throughout the whole country.

“Urban Village believes in giving back to the community especially during the time of need. After the rainstorm there will be sunshine,” Mr. Ben continued.

Totally 300 victimized families from six different villages in Dangkao district’s Tean commune received some necessary items including rice, canned fish, noodle, soy sauce and enveloped money.