Urban Village Brings Cambodia Pride with TVB’s “The Most Popular Overseas Property Project Award”

Urban Village has recently made another headline throughout Hong Kong as it is the only real estate development in Cambodia that has been awarded “The Most Popular Overseas Property Project Award” by TVB, Hong Kong’s most prominent TV station, according to Urban Village’s Founder and Executive Director Ms. Catherine Chan.

As the biggest Hong Kong standard condominium project in Cambodia under the flagship of one of the world top 3 garment manufacturers, Goldfame Group, Urban Village remains competitive among the key real estate developers in Cambodia in terms of delivering excellent quality products which had been proven by 16 PropertyGuru Property Asia awards including the two biggest regional awards Urban Village had won in the last two consecutive years, “Best Condo Development in Asia” in 2019 and “Best Co-working Space in Asia” in 2020.

According to Ms. Chan, the award that TVB presented to Urban Village is one of the most important and highly-sought awards in this competition challenged by some of the leading Hong Kong real estate developers.

“We are once again really proud for being the only Cambodian real estate developer to win this prestigious award. It is amazing that our effort has been recognized and we are so happy that winning this award has allowed us to promote Cambodia’s fastest-growing real estate industry to the world and encourage more foreign direct investments into the country,” Ms. Chan said.