Hundreds of people mostly Hong Kongers and mainland Chinese, showed up at a recent seminar held in Hong Kong city on “Investment Opportunities in Cambodia” jointly organized by the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Hong Kong and Goldfame Group, the largest Hong Kong investor in Cambodia and the parenting company behind Urban Village & Factory Phnom Penh, said the Groups’ Director and CFO Ms. Catherine Chan and Dr. Ben Li.

Presided by Mrs. Pech Puthisathbopeaneaky, the Cambodian Consul General in Hong Kong, the seminar was held for two days at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong to highlights all the potentials and investment opportunities in Cambodia, the fastest growing economy in the region with stable GDP growth of 7 percent.

According to Ms. Chan, during the two-day session, Mr. Chan Wing Luk, famous Hong Kong stock market commentator commonly known as Uncle Luk, had been invited to share his opinion on the Cambodian market in which he shared about his visit to Goldfame Group’s factories and real estate development sites last year.

Uncle Luk has expressed opinions positive about opportunities in Cambodia and urged investors from both Hong Kong and mainland China to invest in Cambodia, given the country’s relaxed policies on foreign direct investment, the use of USD currency and political stability.

When asked why Goldfame Group promotes Cambodia’s investments in Hong Kong, both Ms. Chan and Dr. Li agreed that Cambodia had played an essential role in the growth of Goldfame Group and the company wants to give back.

“We are one of the first investors from Hong Kong to invest in Cambodia since 1996. It plays a major role in our company’s growth and expansion. Currently, Goldfame Group is operating in various countries, including Cambodia, Hong Kong, China, and Spain. We want to give back and help the country and people that mean the most to us,” said Ms. Catherine and Dr. Ben Li.

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