Happy Chandara’s Students Illuminated By Phare’s Circus Show at Urban Village & Factory Phnom Penh

Thanks to Urban Village, twelve students from Chandara Students’ Homes got the opportunity to see Phare’s Circus “Cabaret” private show. It was on Saturday 16th January 2021, at the Factory Phnom Penh, the capital’s creative hub. “Cabaret” is a perfect mix of impressive circus performances, sketches with a good dose of humor and pleasant sounds from Khmer traditional percussion instruments. “It was so fun from beginning to end and music is very interesting!”, exclaimed Sokuntheary, a student at UHS in her 2nd year of medicine. And it seems that all of them really had a fun and great break. “I really enjoyed the show, they’re so talented at what they do. I would like to see them again if I have a chance”, said Munineath who studies French language for her 3rd year at IFL.

It was a great way for our students to have a good time of entertainment in a delightful environment. “It was such an honor to be invited there. Factory Phnom Penh is a beautiful place for discovering arts, relaxing and working. I’ve never been to that kind of place before”, shared Sokunthea, a student in 2nd year of Psychology at RUPP. And Dany, a student in 3rd year in Management at NUM, got inspired here: “Factory Phnom Penh is not just a place of entertainment, but a place where we can discover new things. It’s also the best place to run our own business. I am crazy about this environment!”.

Toutes à l’École/Happy Chandara and Phare Ponleu Selpak have many things in common. If Happy Chandara provides a high standard of education for the poorest girls from Prek Thmey entirely free of charge, Phare NGO, located in Battambang province, provides as well support to vulnerable children and youth through artistic, educational and social programs. Both NGOs also support the surrounding communities of their respective locations.

In the past years, the two NGOs made some partnerships: Happy Chandara had the chance to have Phare Ponleu Selpak’s artists provide some workshops during summer camps. Our students were really excited to meet them again.

***This article was originally published on Happychandara-alumni.org.