Urban Hub Cambodia, a multi-award winner and leading mixed-use property developer in Asia, and the parenting Hong Kong company Goldfame Group, a multi-national conglomerate, together had won four bronze awards in the Startup & Innovation in SEA category at the Telly Awards 2020, said the Group’s Director and CFO, Ms. Catherine Chan and Dr. Ben Li.

The Telly Awards was founded in 1979 in the United States. It initially aimed to recognize the excellence of small-budget videos produced with great ideas but received less public recognition. As technology advanced, The Telly Awards has now become a premier platform to honor videos and television for all types of screens.

As a very well-respected platform, every year The Telly Awards received over 12,000 submissions from all the 50 states in America and five different continents. The competition is judged by The Telly Awards Judging Council which consists of over 200 leading experts from various industries including entertainment, publishing, advertising, and technology.

The four titles include:

1. Excellent Innovative Hub (Goldfame Group -Hong Kong)
2. Iconic Habitat for Startup (Urban Village)
3. Excellent Office Space (Factory Phnom Penh)
4. Excellent Incubator (Urban Hub Cambodia)

Ms. Chan, who also serves as the Founder & Executive Director of Urban Village & Factory Phnom Penh said, the Cambodian Nice Satellite Television Station was the one who entered the competition. The station had submitted a series of business documentaries on startup and innovation in Southeast Asia.

The documentaries featured various startup companies and innovative hubs in multiple countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Hong Kong, China, and Cambodia, where Goldfame Group, Urban Hub Cambodia, Urban Village and Factory Phnom Penh had been featured.

Ms. Chan said, “In early 2020, we had been requested to be interviewed by them. They were interested in finding out more about our Group’s business operations in Cambodia and how our Group is contributing to the startup and innovation scene in the country.”

“We are very honored to be the first Cambodian developer to receive all these prestigious awards and proud that The Telly Awards Judging Committee recognized our contribution to promoting startup and innovation in the region,” Ms. Catherine added.

According to Ms. Jessica Fan, the vice president of Cambodian Nice Satellite Television Station, Goldfame Group and Urban Hub Cambodia were the only two featured companies in the documentaries and the first ones in Asia that were ever presented with the awards.

She believed the companies’ extensive contribution to promoting and advancing startup, innovation, and technology in Cambodia caught the judging committee’s attention.

Since 2017 to date, Factory Phnom Penh has been home to over 200 startup companies, including some of the country’s most successful startuppers, with nearly 2,000 employees working on a daily basis.

“Our ultimate goal of creating this community is to help develop and make a better Cambodia for the young generation as this country means so much for our family and businesses. Our creative hub has created many opportunities for young people to set up their companies and businesses, allowing them to realize their dreams with full support. We will continue this mission for generations to come,” said Mr. Ben Li, who is currently also the Founder & Chairman of Urban Village and Factory Phnom Penh.

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