Factory Phnom Penh Organized First Friendly Basketball Tournament to Welcome New Court

Close to one hundred spectators turned up last Friday evening to see the first-ever basketball tournament at Factory Phnom Penh, a friendly game organized by Factory Phnom Penh team as part of a soft launch to welcome a newly-built basketball court in the complex.

The tournament was held for two hours from 5-7 pm with four different teams consisting of local and expatriate players competing with each other. The basketball court is the latest addition to the Factory’s sports facilities.

The tournament also aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports and allow the Factory’s residents to network and get to know each other better.

Mr. Duane Eddie Louis, trainer at Favela Phnom Penh, a unique fitness and Jiu-Jitsu training center based in Factory Phnom Penh, who participated in the tournament said he enjoyed the tournament a lot and wished that such an event is organized frequently.

He added, the tournament is not really about basketball. It is more about community development in which Factory Phnom Penh community members are given an opportunity to engage and strengthen bonds with one another.

“I enjoyed engaging with Factory community members in a completely different way; an atmosphere of fun, somewhat competitiveness, and inclusivity. It helps us to get to know each better in the future,” he said.