Cambodia’s Finest German Beers Available at Factory Phnom Penh

When it comes to Germany, the first thing that pops in your head is probably BMW, Porsche, machinery products or German efficiency. However, the country is also very well-known for its beer culture, for instance, the Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival held annually in the Bavaria’s capital of Munich. 

With millions of gallons of beers produced yearly has made Germany one of the biggest beer producing countries in Europe with a total number of over 5000 different brands and approximately over 1300 breweries throughout the entire country. 

The good news is now you can enjoy some of the finest quality German beers at TwoBirds Brewery, located right in Factory Phnom Penh. All of the beverages at TwoBirds are produced locally in Cambodia with the purest and finest ingredients imported from Germany.  

“Brewing beer is an ancient German craft invented thousands of years ago. After learning from renowned master brewers in the south of Germany, and countless years of brewing experience, we are offering nothing less than pure handmade excellence. TwoBirds craft beer is a healthy mix of art and science. To stay true to our Bavarian heritage, we follow the German purity law from 1516,” said Bernd Kirsch, the CEO and brewmaster of TwoBirds. 

If you visit the Factory Phnom Penh, make sure you drop by the brewery to see it yourself and stay tuned for its grand opening. 

For more information: http://www.beerprocambodia.com/twobirds