Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam Agree To Accelerate Three Major Cross-Border Infrastructure Projects

The prime ministers of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam have agreed to gather more resources from development partners to accelerate three major cross-border infrastructure development projects including the Phnom Penh-Ho Chi Minh railway, Hanoi- Vientiane expressway, and Vientiane–Vũng Áng railway.

According to the virtual meeting between the three prime ministers on 10 March, the three nations have vowed to do their best to push the three projects into reality as soon as possible.

If built, these three cross-border infrastructure developments will help boost a regional framework of cooperation, and increase economic activity through trade.

In the meeting, the three leaders also considered resuming international flights between the three nations as well.

To date, the Phnom Penh-Ho Chi Minh railway has yet to see big progress since being first announced in 2019. According to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport spokesman Vasim Sorya, both nations have only agreed verbally on the project and there wasn’t any official agreement signed yet.

However, he added that the railway remains listed as a prioritized infrastructure construction project. In October last year, a Chinese firm finished the feasibility study but the government has decided on anything.

***This article was originally published on Construction & Property News.