Goldfame Group is a multi-national conglomerate established in 1992. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Goldfame Group is currently operating in various countries across Asia and Europe including Cambodia, Hong Kong, China and Spain. 

Entering Cambodia in 1996, to date, Goldfame Group has been investing in various sectors in the country including garment manufacturing, forestry, insurance, printing, microfinance, furniture manufacturing, and real estate development, employing over 30,000 workers worldwide. 

Globally known as the sweater king among major players in the garment industry, Goldfame Group is a top 3 global sweaters manufacturer and the biggest garment producer in Cambodia with 9 fully operated factories.

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Urban Living Solutions (ULS) is a real estate and lifestyle development firm concentrating on community-focused solutions to meet Cambodia’s rapid urbanization. Based in Phnom Penh, ULS builds livable urban spaces that connect people and nurture communities.

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At Urban Hub Cambodia, we believe that a strong community is a community where no one is left behind. We are committed to maintaining our shared value and belief of “Growing and Prospering” together. Therefore, we believe in giving back and helping people in our community in any form where possible. 

In the past years, Urban Hub Cambodia has been contributing to good causes in various sectors including Heath, Art, Sport, Education and Environment. Urban Hub Cambodia vows to continue its shared responsibilities to help make better and stronger communities in all places it operates.